Rivenworld Magic System

In Rivenworld, Humans were created from mud and water by the goddess Lesya, the earth-mother. Auld were created from aether by the god Ahn, the chaos-father. Because of this, humans are naturally more attuned to earth-magic (though human affinity for magic is extremely rare and needs a catalyst), while the Auld are naturally more attuned to aether-magic.

Earth talents can be broken down into soil, water, and wind.  Aetherial talents are concerned with manipulating aether (also called nodomancy) and spirit (spiromancy). Essence is a substance required to connect with the earth and the aether. Auld naturally create essence in greater or less amounts (except for Resistants). Humans do not naturally create essence. Humans with the affinity can become sorcerers, who harvest essence from Auld victims.

More to come as I continue to organize a compendium of nodomancy…keep checking back!