The Chaos Cycle

The Chaos Cycle is a follow-up series to The Rhenwars Saga. It can be read either as a stand-alone series or after the original saga.

 When their homeland is invaded by a society that roams the world preying on others, Rylan and Gil must put aside the ghosts of their past in order to fight them. For their enemy uses chained mages as weapons, and capture means assimilation.

As the trilogy unfolds, the stakes get higher and the enemies more diverse and powerful. The series spans thousands of years, visits civilizations both thriving and fallen, and hurls two different worlds into a collision course. It is a bold chronicle of gods and man, demons and pawns, magic and warfare, and the very nature of humanity.


NOTE: While Chaos Cycle #3 is delayed, it is not forgotten! I’ll be working on it (and hopefully finishing it) after Rivenworld #2. 


Some bonds are stronger than iron.

The Chaos Cycle is a bestselling grimdark fantasy series that  received a Readers’ Favorite Book Award.


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The Chaos Cycle spans two continents. Click here to see the maps in detail.